Why Run?

 People always ask me: “Why do you run?”

There are many answers to this question. But one answer that most people would expect to hear is that “I would like to stay healthy…”.

I can give you 10 more answers to this same question that many people may not want to hear but are true…

Here are few things that I am thinking right now…

1)       Just because I can

2)      It clears my mind and soul. I discover and rediscover myself during some of these runs and races. Especially after 20 miles  during a marathon, you have to go deep inside to find your soul to answer the same question people are asking. 

3)      Death is unavoidable for everyone… but if possible, I would like to prolong my life. I am doing my part to stay and live longer.  I hope God does his part too.


I still do not have full answers to the question. Give me 10 years (I hope I am still running then). I may have an answer for you by then.


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