The NYC Marathon – Tips for Marathon Day

By David Del Monte 

These tips are from personal experience and common sense that I have picked up along the way.  During the 2007 Marathon, the NYCC offered runners ibuprofen on the Queensboro Bridge.   Consult your own physician about the wisdom of taking any medicine on the course or before.  Here are ideas to consider:

1.  Bring a black plastic Trash Bag that you can wear in the event of rain and/or wind.
2.  Bring another black plastic trash bag & newspapers that you can sit on (or read) while waiting for the race start.
3.  Have comfortable socks.
4.  I have two cups of coffee and take 400 mg of ibuprofen before I leave for the race.
5.  Many runner wear clothing that they leave at the start of or off load during the race.
6.  Use the product “Glide” in the following places if you need to.
       a. Liberally apply to your feet with a focus on your heels and the back of heels.  This helps prevent blisters. It really works well.On your inner thighs to prevent chaffing…if you have that concern.
      b.  Men use it on their nipples if you do not have nip guards.
7.  If you’re a male, get nip guards at the Expo or at your running store.
8.  If it is cold, bring something for your ears and hands.
9.  Hydrate for the week before.  I think hydrate means being conscience about drinking water so you don’t dehydrate.  Too much water is not good either.
10. Eat normally the day before and include a couple of bananas for potassium.
11. The Expo is a runner’s shopping haven for last minute supplies.  Attend on Friday and don’t get tired standing around all day at the Expo.
12. There is plenty of water and aid stations during the race. The Ronald McDonald House has an aid station at 73rd and First Avenue.
13. Goo- Some runners like Goo for extra energy during the race.  It is a high sugar, high viscosity product that gives a boost of energy.  I find it takes me up fast and doesn’t last long.  I prefer Shot Blocks, which are a gelatin-like cube, sweet and with caffeine. 
14. Bring money and Identification.  (ID= a piece of paper with your name, and the name and phone number of SOMEONE ELSE.  Note any medical information that is important in the event you lose conscientiousness.)
15. Have a contact name and phone number of someone else on your person.
16. Get a shoe pocket with a Velcro attachment that fits on your shoe laces. Put some money in it and a location name and phone number.
17. At the start, there are many vendors giving away their products like yogurts, drinks, fruit and too much other stuff.
18. Regardless if you like it or not, drink Gatorade during the run.  Gatorade replaces electrolytes that are flushed away by drinking large qualities of water.
19. Part of the idea is to have a good time.  Slow and steady is good and will give you’re the best time unless you’re from Kenya.   It’s OK to walk once in a while and it will help avoid injury.  Many runners will walk.  The winners are the runners who complete the 26.2 miles.
20. I take the Staten Island Ferry to get to the start of the race.  I will take the 7:30 Ferry (There is an 8:00 AM Ferry, too).  The Ferry is public transportation regardless of when you were scheduled for it.  There is a city bus to take you to the rent of the way IF you are not able to get on the NYRR buses there for that purpose.  Bring $2.25 in change for the City bus if need be.  The bus drivers do not take currency.
21. Have properly fitted Running Shoes.
22. If you want to meet me at the finish, look for the dark hair fellow carrying a flashlight.  

  David Del Monte  – The NYC marathon Team NY Rotary Event Captain – 2009


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