The 25 Worst Questions To Ask a Runner Answered by a runner

Answered by: Mary Campbell, a runner

1. So, you like jogging?
MC: No, I like running
2. Why pay so much to run a race?
MC: Why pay so much to go to a concert? Because it is fun. Also, free GU and Gatorade.
3. Did you win?
MC: No. Just no.
4. Do you get bored?
MC: Again no. Golf: boring, running: not so much
5. How far is your marathon?
MC: A marathon is a race. Not every race is a marathon. Marathon (all marathons everywhere) are 26.2miles. For a half marathon divide by 2.
6. What is cross training? Or cross train?
MC: A cross train is related to the crazy train. All runners ride the crazy train.
7. How do you hurt yourself running?
MC: Me personally? Falling down the White Trail heading for the North Trail Head.
8. So your knees do hurt?
MC: Sigh, yes my knees hurt.
9. What about your knees?
MC: No I don’t need to give up running, and no, every runner does NOT have bad knees. That is just my bad luck.
10. Isn’t it unhealthy to run so much?
MC: Isn’t it unhealthy not to run at all?
11. Is running safe at your age?
MC: Change to “while Pregnant” or “by yourself” (Not at the age to hear the original): No to the first. Possibly to the second, but everything has risks. Doesn’t mean I should hide in my house.
12. What are you doing?
MC: Bi-pedal locomotion.
13. Do you need a ride?
MC: No thanks my car works fine. So do my legs. (Exception to this: the snowpocalypse. I did accept a ride up the mountain).
14. Don’t you get lost?
MC: Occasionally. Doesn’t everyone?
15. Running is fun?
MC: You mean you have fun golfing, playing tennis, and watching football? Different strokes for different folks.
16. Why would you need so many running shoes?
MC: I’m a girl. Don’t question my shoes.
17. Do you really need more shoes?
MC: See #16.
18. You run in the rain?
MC: I’m not the wicked witch. I won’t melt.
19. Isn’t it too windy?
MC: Is it a hurricane or tornado? Then no.
20. Isn’t it too cold?
MC: Yes, for me it is sometimes too cold to run outside. That is why God invented treadmills.
21. Isn’t it too hot?
MC: No.
22. You run outside?
MC: As opposed to where?
23. Don’t you get tired?
MC: Yes. Then I sleep.
24. Would you rather sleep in?
MC: Yes, so I run later in the day.
25. Are you fast?
MC: I don’t have to be fast. In the event of a Zombie Apocalypse I only have to be faster than you.

I would like to add:
26. What are you training for?
MC: The Zombie Apocalypse.

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