Running and Summertime Thunder Storms

A few weeks ago I was ready to run one of my maintenance runs on a Thursday evening. You know in late July here in the south it’s so hot and humid! So, I often run in the evening about 45 minutes before sunset. Well, on this particular evening I had eaten dinner with the family, and although I was still a little full from dinner, I knew I needed to get my 5k maintenance run in for the day.
This run is a loop through my neighborhood and is pretty quiet and uneventful. On this evening, however, when I was 1.5 miles from home, I heard some thunder off in the not too far distance. I thought to myself that it would be great if we get some rain this evening. Well, with about a quarter mile to go, all of a suddenn there was the most frightening lightning storm I have ever experienced! Lightning crashing all around me everywhere! There was even a strike on the power pole across the street from my house! As I was making my way as fast as I could into the house, my neighbor came by in her car. She screamed that I better get inside! I screamed back “I’m getting there as fast as I can!”
As the power was out all that night, I thought to myself, “What’s the lesson learned here?”
Answer:  This time of year, it’s probably a good idea to jump on the internet and checkout the weather map before heading out the door for even a quick run. Those storms can come up too quickly, so try not to get caught out there in a storm.
Happy running everyone!


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