Running with a Group

When I first started to run a year and a half ago, one of my fellow runners who had been running for almost 20 years told me that “Running is a sport that you can run by yourself, with a group, in the morning, or at night”. It stayed with me.

Most of my miles were logged with only myself running. Running is called a lonely sport. We runners log a lot of miles alone on the trail or on the road. Even with this new age of iPods and MP3 Players, running by yourself is still not as satisfying as running with a group.

I suggest all you people out there to find a group of runners to run with. It is fun.

I do try to run my long weekend run with a group(s). I have few running gruops that I run with. When you run in a gruop,  a person next to you could be a lawer, a Dr. , VP,  clark at local store etc. once you on the trail with your group, we all are same. A runner.


2 thoughts on “Running with a Group

  1. I agree with you on this. Running can quickly be turned into a quality time spent with family. I found this out at a recent event I participated. My wife and son were so excited to become part of the run. They mostly walked. But surely will be running along side of me in the future.

  2. You are correct Neil. Running is becoming family event for me. Most of local races, I publish early enough in family that everyone have time to think about the race. We will be running a 5k and half mile run next weekend. It is fun.

    Now, I travel for out of town marathons and races with family (even if they are not running). It is fun and gives us a quick family vacation..

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