Resting is a part of Training

I have been told many times that “Resting is a part of training”. I have seen people who run 5-6 days a week without rest. They end up hurting themselves.

I have found some articles on the topic.Here is a link from

Let me talk about my past week’s experience in this topic.

22 milers
A part of my fall marathon training, once a month I run 20+ miles. Last Sunday, I ran my first 22 miler. After 3 hrs and 25 minutes, I finished the training run. The run left me with feelings of pain in every part of my body. I knew that I needed to hold back on my training runs.

First Day of my resting
When I came home, I had a good breakfast. Once my family left for the Sunday church, I started to take a nap. I love to take naps on Sundays. I know some of you do not have this kind of option, but you have to make sure that you do not do anything too hard on your body after your long runs.

I did have some  family time, but I went to bed early.

Second Day
On Monday morning, some parts of my body were still hurting. I did walk around at work, but I did not do any cross training.

In the evening, I rested myself. I played with my kids, but nothing that would take extra energy. I went to bed early again.

Third day
For the last two months, every Tuesday, I have been doing speed training. But this week, I knew my body was not ready. I still felt pain in some parts. I did not feel like I should go run. So, I decided to do cross training on Tuesday. During lunch time, I spent 50 minutes doing it.

Once again,  I went to bed early.

Fourth Day
On the fourth day, I decided to take a break from any training whatsoever. I rested myself completely. In the evening, I went to a natural .5 mile trail walk with my kids.

Fifth Day
I knew that by this day, my body was ready to run again. I ran 6 miles in the morning, and 4.5 miles in the afternoon. It was great. I did some hill runs during the run also.

Sixth Day
Friday is my rest day.

Seventh Day
I ran a 5k race in the evening. I finished the race in 21:29 minutes. I was placed 2nd in my age group.

Eighth Day
Today is Sunday, I ran 15.5 miles. I already had two naps :-). I will do the speed training this week.

Now, looking back on the past week, I feel that resting has helped me to recover quickly.

I hope this will help you think about how to make resting part of your training.

Have a nice week, and keep on running!


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  1. Excellent Article!

    If I could write like this I would be well chuffed 😉

    The more I read articles of such quality as this (which is rare), the more I think there might be a future for the Web. Keep it up, as it were.

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