29: On Becoming the Pinhoti 900 miles Club Member: Talking with Kip Chasse’

#MR29: It was great catching up with Kip Chasse’ who is attempting the 9th Pinhoti 100. Kip has been running Pinhoti 100 since the inaugural year. He brings a lot expertise and experience running the Pinhoti 100 race. Even though all 800 miles journey on those Pinhoti trail had not been easy, but he looks forward to come back every year. It was fun talking to Kip about his 800 years journey.

In this episode, we talk about

  • Kip’s running journey
  • First year of Pinhoti 100
  • Joy and struggles through 800 miles of Pinhoti
  •  Pinhoti 100 course
  • what to look forward for
  • On Becoming the Pinhoti 900 miles Club Member
  • more


Learn more about Faithful Guardian Training Center where Kip helps others to becoming an ultra runner like him at  www.faithfulguardian.com

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Music by http://www.bensound.com


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