13: Defying Cancer Through Running : Story of Jennifer Andress

Jennifer Andress is a fighter in many ways. She has over come some of the hardest times in her life. Running has always been a part of her journey during the ups and downs in her life. Listen and be motived!

In this episode, I talk to Jennifer about:
– Her running journey
– Her struggle through Cancer
– Birmingham Track Club
– Being cover of Runner’s World
– More

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12: Couch Potato to 100 miler within 15 months: Story of Bob Watters

Bob Watters recently completed his 8th 100 miler race. In 2015, he completed Pinhoti Trail Slam by running Pinhoti trail 100 mile endurance runs ( Double Top 100, Georgia Jewel 100, and Pinhoti Trail 100 ). He has amazing story to tell.

In this episode, I talked to Bob about
1) Bob’s running journey
2) Pinhoti Slam
3) Downhill running
4) Heat training
5) More


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11: From Soccer Player To Boston Marathoner & beyond: Story of Lisa Booher

It was great catching up with my friend Lisa Booher’s about her running journey and beyond. She has a great story of running distance race. Over the years, she has gone from none runner to Boston Marathoner. Currently, she is training for the Vermont 100 mile race.

NOTE: this was first phone interview podcast.

Lisa Booher’s Bio:

Mother of four (including a set of twins). Teaching children and adults about exercise and healthy living for over 11 years. Currently working at Resolute Running and Life Time Fitness. Bachelor’s Degree in International Development and Russian, certified RRCA run coach, AFAA group exercise instructor, and certified TRX suspension and rip trainer instructor, Boston Marathoner, and Three-year overall female winner of the Southeastern Trail Series. She is a lover of woods and dirt, not afraid of falling, and promotor of taking chances. Favorite quote: “Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.” T.S. Eliot


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10: Heart Rate and Fat Adaptation Training with Prince Whatley

It was great catching up with my friend and TNT coach Prince Whatley. In this podcast, we talk about:
*Prince’s running journey
*Heart Rate Training
*Fat Adaptation Training


Prince Whatley bio:

Prince ran his first marathon at the inaugural Mercedes Marathon in February 2002. Since then he has run 79 marathons/ultras, including four 100 mile races (and every Mercedes) with a personal best of 2:57:20 at the Chicago Marathon October 2013. Prince is a member of the Birmingham Track Club, the Darkside Running Club, and the United States Running Streak Association (having run every day since July 1, 2004). Prince became involved with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society as a participant in the Walt Disney World Marathon of 2008 after his daughter Katie was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia on November 3, 2006. He is now a Birmingham run coach for Saturday morning training. Prince’s favorite quote is, “Hey, watch this!”


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9: Finding Inner Runner in you with Dr. Jason Karp

Dr. Jason Karp is an internationally-recognized running and fitness expert and owner of Run-Fit, LLC, providing coaching and educational services to runners and fitness professionals around the world. He is also the creator of the REVO₂LUTION RUNNING™ certification.

He has more than 200 articles published in running, coaching, and fitness magazines and scientific journals and is the author of seven books, including The Inner Runner, Running for Women, and Running a Marathon For Dummies.

Website: run-fit.com/

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8 : Get moving and get inspired: Coach Marcela Todd

Marcela Todd is a Coach/Marathoner/Ultra Marathoner/marathon pacer/Boston Marathoner who recently completed her 61st marathon/ultra. She is originally from Bogotá, Colombia.

Marcela has a passion for helping people achieve their marathon and half marathon goals. She is the Program Director and Head Coach for Www.friendsintraining.net, one of the largest training groups in South Florida. She is also the Wellness Center Director at the Motorola Plantation Wellness Center.

It was great catching with Marcela for this episode.

Enjoy the interview and get inspired!

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7: Talking to Birmingham’s Running Legend: Al DiMicco

Talking to Birmingham’s Running Legend: Al DiMicco. If you run/ran in & around Birmingham area for the last 30+ years, you either ran with Coach Al, or ran with someone who ran with him.

With Coach Al’s experience, there are many things to talk. For this episode, we talked about his early days of running in and around Birmingham, as well as many aspects of running:

For sure, we will have to bring him in for a more focused marathon training interview.


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6: 48 hours, 161 miles, and US & world record with Jimmie Barnes

Recently Jimmie Barnes ran 48 hours race where he set the US and world record in his age group of 75-79.

Jimmie has been running for a long time. It is motivational to listen his story. He still motivated and competitive to run and race. If you ever ask me where I get my inspiration, you must listen to this podcast.

In this episode we talk about following:
*Early days of running in Birmingham
*Ultra marathon in Southeast
*48 hrs race
*Timed event
*Setting US and world record in 75-79 age group
*and more

He promised me that he will talk to MRuns when he breaks world record in the age group 80 and up.

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4: Journey to 800th Ultra with Rob Apple

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I had an opportunity  to talk to Rob Apple as he was finishing his 711th ultra distance race in Nov 2015 . This was follow up interview from Nov 2014. Currently, he is at 722 Ultra distance race. He is headed to Europe next month to run his next Ultra. 

Great story! I will have a follow up interview with him by the end of 2016 again.


Here is my first interview with Rob on YouTube:

URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ak8X72WrNLg