98: Finding Trail/Ultra Runner in you: From non-trail runner to ultra distance runner: Talking With David & Marye Jo Tosch

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MR 98: In this episode, I talked with David & Marye Jo Tosch about many topics including finding a trail/ultra runner in us. Since 2011, David & Marye directed more than 60 trail/ultra events including Lake Martin & Blood Rock 100. There so much to learn about running trail beyond setting events. In this episode, you get to hear many aspects of another side of trail/ultra events.

In this episode, David, Marye, & I talked about :
– How to be a trail runner
– How to run the first ultramarathon
– How to run your first 100 miler
– How to set up welcoming Aid station
– What does it take to set up a big racing event like LM100 and BR100
– more

Music by: bensound.com

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