96: How to Train for Ultra Distance Race Like Badwater 135: On Training for 2nd Badwater 135: Talking with Christy Johnston

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MR96: In this episode, I talked with Christy Johnston from Destin, FL. Christy was not always an ultra runner. According to Christy, 2013 Lake Martin 50 miler race almost ended her ultra journey; and at the same time kick-started her ultra journey that she on now. Since 2013 LM50, Christy ran many ultra distance races with multiple podium finishes. In 2016, she ran her first Badwater 135. July 2018, she will be going back to run her second Badwater 135.

In this podcast, we talked about anything including training for ultra distance race like Badwater 135 and more.

In this episode, Christy and I talked about:
– Christy’s running journey
– Christy’s first Badwater experience
– How to train for beach runs?
– How to train for ultra distance like Badwater 135?
– Running the Mississippi River Levee Run
– More

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