93: Everything Is Possible When You Put: Heart, Body & Mind Together: Talking With Josh LaJaunie

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MR93: In this episode, I talked with Josh LaJaunie. He was 400+lbs overweight person before he started on his running and weight loss journey. Once Josh started taking on running, he lost more than 230 lbs. He changed his life around by becoming a marathoner, ultra-marathoner, and taken on a plant-based lifestyle. Now, Josh dedicates not only to make himself better, but also help others through their weight loss journey. In this podcast, he has many stories to tell us.

Listen, Enjoy, and get Inspired!

In this episode, Josh and I talked about:
-Josh running journey
-Painful start of weight loss journey
Josh’s current running
Taking on plant-based diet


Website: joshlajaunie.com
Music by: bensound.com

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