88: Running the Remote Part Of the World – 2017 Everest Trail Race: Talking with Martin Schneekloth

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MR88: In this week’s episode, I talked with Martin Schneekloth. I know Martin as a Huntsville, AL runner. Over the years, Martin went from almost non-runner to an accomplished ultra runner who traveled around the world for running. Recently, he visited my home country of Nepal to run the 2017 Everest Trail Race. In this podcast, Martin discussed his experience of running the remote part of the world in Nepal. Martin has many stories to share with us including seeing the Everest, Nepali people, trails, dodging Yaks etc. It is fun interview for those of you want to take your running beyond your comfort area.

In this episode, Martin and I about:
-Martin running journey
-How to get ready for Everest adventure?
-Running Everest region
-People of Nepal

Martin’s blog: http://www.ultrakrautrunning.com
Music by: bensound.com

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