84: Running the 5th Pinhoti 100: Talking with Emily Kennedy, Bob Watters, and Michael Roy

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MR84: In this week’s episode, I talked with Emily Kennedy, Bob Watters, and Michael Roy who will be running their 5th Pinhoti 100 and join the Pinhoti 500 miles club. This is a great informational podcast episode for those running Pinhoti 100 for the first time or Nth time. Together, Emily, Bob, Michael, and I bring 13 years of running Pinhoti 100. In this episode, we share about the experience of running Pinhoti 100, do’s and don’ts of running Pinhoti 100, course details, pacers, drop bags, and much more.

In this episode, Emily, Bob, Michael, and I talked about
-Why Pinhoti 100?
-Pinhoti 100: Crouse, drop bags, aid station, etc
-do’s and don’ts of the running of running Pinhoti 100 and other 100s
-Much More

Pinhoti Trail Runs: pinhotitrailseries.com
Music by: bensound.com

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