82: From a Non-Runner to Setting High Heels Marathon Running Guinness World Records:Talking with Irene Sewell

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MR82: In this week’s episode, I talked with Irene Sewell from Chattanooga, TN who set the Guinness World Records in High Heels marathon running. Irene started her running journey only 3 years ago after volunteering at the Ironman Chattanooga event. Since she took on running, she completed many half-marathons, few half-Ironman, and 3 marathons including the 2017 Seven Bridges Marathon where she set the Guinness World Records.

In this episode, Irene and I talked about
-Irene’s running journey
-Irene’s the Guinness World Records process
-High Heels marathon training
– High Heels marathon racing
-Much More

Music by: bensound.com

Here is Irene’s Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/highheelsforguinness/ @highheelsforguinness

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