68: Summer Running & Training – Stay cool. Hydrate. Recovery. Talking with Coach Al DiMicco

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MR68: In this week’s episode, I talked with Coach Al DiMicco. If you want to learn more about Coach Al and his running, listen to MRuns’ Podcast Episode # 7 (soundcloud.com/marathonruns/mr7). In this episode, we talked about different aspects of Summer training, running, and racing. Coach Al brings years of running experience who is still logging miles during these hot days of summer. It is always fun to catch up with Coach Al and learn more about our sports of running through him.

In this episode, Coach Al and I talked about
– Coach Al’ training/running
– Summer training – hill, hot, speed work, & long runs
– How to Stay cool and log miles during Summer heat
– Birmingham Stage Race
– More

Enjoy the episode!

Previous podcast episode: MRuns.com/podcast/mr7/

Music by: bensound.com

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