64: Be a “Yeti Trail Runners” cult member: Talking with Jason Green

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MR64: In this week’s episode, I talked with Jason Green who is the founder and the cult leader of Yeti Trail Runners. After running in his young age, Jason gave up running for 30 years until he rediscovered ultra running. Jason’s love for trails and passion for trail running brought him back to the ultra running world. Over the years, he successfully built a different type of running community/cult around ultra/trail running. Over the years, Jason not only ran races around the country but also built trails and directed many Yeti Trail Races. Fun interview!

In this episode, Jason and I talked about:
– Jason’s Running Journey
– Founding of the “Yeti Trail Runners” community/cult
– Running distance races
– Training
– More

Yeti Trail Runners Mission statement: “The Yeti Trail Runners were formed in 2011 with a mission statement to move the trail ultra running community forward by developing strong relationships in our community parks and forests. We maintain existing and new trails in Georgia. We put on races that foster a fun atmosphere that brings new and old friends together. The yetis support Because of You, Inc – a nonprofit group providing a measure of comfort for homeless children in the Atlanta area. We hope you can join us for one of our free events or races and discover a group of individuals who love to eat, drink craft beer and be awesome !!!”

Website : http://www.yetitrailrunners.com

Enjoy the episode!

Music by: bensound.com

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