63: Breaking Stereotypical of Running: Talking with Mirna Valerio

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MR63: In this week’s episode, I talked with Mirna Valerio. Mirna has broken stereotypical of running. Even with her big size body, Mirna runs distance races, including ultra marathons, with a great success. Her love for running started early in her life, but she became distance runner later part of her life. In this episode, we talk about her running journey and beyond. It is a fun interview to listen.

Mirna Valerio’s Bio: Marina, a native of Brooklyn, New York, is a Spanish teacher, diversity educator, cross-country coach, marathoner, ultrarunner, and blogger. Valerio’s blogs about all things running appear at Fat Girl Running and in Women’s Running Magazine. Her story was featured in the Wall Street Journal, Runner’s World, NBC Nightly News, and CNN. Valerio is a global ambassador for Merrell, an ambassador for Skirt Sports, and an athlete for Swiftkick. She is married to Cito Nikiema, and together they have a basketball-loving teenage son, Rashid. She loves being in nature and frequently runs trails in the North Georgia mountains.

In this episode, Mirna and I talked about:
– Mirna’s Running Journey
– Founding of Fat Girl Running blog site
-Running distance races
– More

More About: about.me/themirnavator/
Website: fatgirlrunning-fatrunner.blogspot.com
photo by: Jenny Nichols

Enjoy the episode!

Music by: bensound.com

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