62: Founding of M.U.T.S. Mississippi Ultra & Trail Society: Talking with Matt Clem

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MR62: In this week’s episode, I talked with Matt Clem. Matt is one of the founder and current board president of M.U.T.S. Mississippi Ultra & Trail Society! Matt started as walker and eventually became an ultra marathoner. He has a great story about start of MUTS.

MUTS is an ultra and trail society from Mississippi. MUTS’ mission is to promote, support, and grow trail and ultra-running in and around the state of Mississippi.

In this episode, Matt and I talked about:

  • Matt’s Running Journey
  • Founding of MUTS
  • What is MUTS?
  • Trail Systems in Mississippi
  • How to connect to MUTS?
  • MUTS races
  • More

MUTS website: www.mutsrunning.org

Enjoy the episode!

Music by: bensound.com

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