53: Overachieving Distance Running: Talking with Diane Bolton

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MR53: In this week’s episode, I had an opportunity to talk with Diane Bolton who is Marathon Maniac Hall of Fame, World Mega-marathon ranked 350+marathons, 2X50 stater, and Vol State 500K finisher. One year Diane ran more than 70 marathons/ultra. Diane did not start running till late in her life. Once she started, she has not looked back ever since. She is passionate about running, pacing, and enjoying life through running. She loves the journey and challenges running provides.

In this episode, we talked about:

  • Diane’s running journey
  • Running 350+marathon/ultra
  • Running Vol state 500k solo
  • Different marathon and ultra
  • Mental and physical strains of running multiple marathons in a week and weekend
  • more

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