52: Voices of Marathons In the House: Talking with Fitz Koehler & Rudy Novotny

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MR52: In this week’s episode, I had an opportunity to talk with Voices of Marathons Fitz Koehler & Rudy Novotny. Rudy and Fitz are voices of many marathons including: BigSur Marathon, LA Marathon, OC Marathon, Disney Marathon and more. Fitz and Rudy provide voices that we hear during marathon mornings and expos. It was fun talking to them. This episode gives a different side of marathon running. Great listen. 

In this episode, we talked about:

  • what is voices of marathon?
  • BigSur marathon
  • Looking at announcer side of start and finish line
  • more

Boston2BigSur challenge link: MRuns.com/b2b/

More On Fitz Koehler: Fitzness.comMorningMile.com, @Fitzness on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube

Enjoy the podcast!

Music by: bensound.com

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