46: Pacing and Racing the world: Talking with Gary Dixon

#MRuns 46: In this episode, I talked with fellow pacer Gary Dixon. Gary is MRuns’ the first intentional guest from Liverpool England. Gary and I paced several Chicago Marathon and recently at Miami Marathon. Gary not only has passion for running, but also has passion for pacing and helping others. It was interesting to hear Gary’s story about pacing in UK and USA, as well running different parts of the world. Miami Marathon was Gary’s 127th marathon/ultra which includes 27 marathon pacing. He will pace 2017 London Marathon as well Berlin Marathon. If you are running either marathon, please look up Gary. He will be there to help or pace you.

In this episode, we talked about:
*on being a pacer
*pacing different events
*running different events around the world

Find Gary on twitter at @gdixon61

NOTE: In the UK pace groups refer as buses. So each time slot is classed as a ‘bus‘!

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