38: Learning to Walk Again to Crossing the Finishing Line of NYC Marathon: Journey of Lori Riggles post accident

#MRuns 38: In this episode, I talked to Lori Riggles. Lori was struck by a truck about 300 yards from her house as she was returning home from a long Sunday training run for NYC marathon in April 17 2017. Due to accident, she suffered head trauma, an arm injury, a broken vertebrae, fractures to her pelvis, and more. She had to relearn to walk again. In July 2016, she start to run again. In Nov 2016, she crossed the finishing line of New York Marathon – her first marathon and long time dream. 

Her story hits so close to home to most of runner. This is a heart touching and inspirational interview. 

Enjoy the interview. 

In this episode, I talked to Lori about:

  • Her life time running journey
  • Dream of running her First NYC marathon
  • Accident 
  • Learning to walk again
  • Learning to run again
  • Journey through road of New York 
  • and more

Basic CMYK

Some of accident stories on Lori:


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