118: Running Ultra Races and Events: Talking with David Tosch

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MR118: In this episode, I talked with David Tosch about many events that he puts in esp. Lake Martin 100, Blood Rock 100, and Southeastern Trail Series races. It is always fun to talk to David and visit Tosch’s house. He has a vast knowledge of not only racing ultra distance events but also managing it. If you are running any Southeastern Trail Runs races this will be good podcast episode for you to listen.

Further, we also talk about how to run/trail for ultra distance races. I also talk about personal struggles with the last two 100 miles races (Pinhoti 100 and Lake Martin 100), and how I am trying to overcome those struggles with my training.


Link to SE Trail Run: www.southeasterntrailruns.com

NOTE: Marye Jo Tosch is a big part of the success of SE Trail Runs – the other half. In this episode, you hear her voice off and on.

Music by: bensound.com

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