52: Voices of Marathons In the House: Talking with Fitz Koehler & Rudy Novotny

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MR52: In this week’s episode, I had an opportunity to talk with Voices of Marathons Fitz Koehler & Rudy Novotny. Rudy and Fitz are voices of many marathons including: BigSur Marathon, LA Marathon, OC Marathon, Disney Marathon and more. Fitz and Rudy provide voices that we hear during marathon mornings and expos. It was fun talking to them. This episode gives a different side of marathon running. Great listen. 

In this episode, we talked about:

  • what is voices of marathon?
  • BigSur marathon
  • Looking at announcer side of start and finish line
  • more

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More On Fitz Koehler: Fitzness.comMorningMile.com, @Fitzness on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube

Enjoy the podcast!

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51: the MindSide of Runners: Talking with Dr. Bhrett McCabe

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#MRuns 51: In this episode, I talked with Dr. Bhrett McCabe – the founder of the MindSide, the host of the MindSide podcast, and author of The MindSide Manifesto. Dr. McCabe is a practicing Sports & Performance Psychologist who works with numerous athletes from the PGA and LPGA Tours, NFL, NBA, MMA, and serves as the sports and performance psychologist for the University of Alabama Athletic Department.

It was fun talking with Dr. McCabe and understanding the MindSide of runners. In this episode, we talked about following:

  • Dr. McCabe founding of the MindSide
  • The MindSide Manifesto book
  • MindSide of runners
  • My Personal struggle with running
  • How to bring mental toughness
  • more

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The MindSide Website: www.themindside.com

Dr. Bhrett McCabe’s bio:

Dr. Bhrett McCabe is the founder of The MindSide and a Licensed Clinical Psychologist holding a PhD degree in clinical psychology from Louisiana State University (LSU), with an emphasis in behavioral medicine having completed his internship at Brown University in Providence, RI. While an undergraduate at LSU, Dr. McCabe was a 4-year letterman on the baseball team and was a member of 2 National Championship teams, 3 SEC championship teams, and 3 College World Series teams.

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50: The Endurance Diet – Do’s and Don’ts: Talking with Matt Fitzgerald

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50: In this episode, I talked with an acclaimed endurance sports coach, nutritionist, and author – Matt Fitzgerald about his recent book “The Endurance Diet – 5 Core Habits” as well as Do’s and Don’ts of endurance diet/nutrition. We talked about many topics including my personal struggle with diet as an endurance athlete.

In this episode we talk about following:
* Matt’s background of being an endurance athlete to a writer
* The Endurance Diet – 5 Core Habits
* Question about some of my personal struggles
* more

Stay tune for detail on “The Endurance Diet – 5 Core Habits” autographed book give away.


Here Matt’s Bio:

Matt Fitzgerald is an acclaimed endurance sports coach, nutritionist, and author. His many books include The Endurance Diet, 80/20 Running, and How Bad Do You Want It? Matt’s writing also appears regularly in magazines and on websites such as Women’s Running and competitor.com. Since 2001, his training plans have helped thousands of athletes of all experience and ability levels achieve their goals and he currently serves as a coach for BSX Athletics and Team Iron Cowboy. Certified by the International Society of Sports Nutrition, Matt has consulted for numerous sports nutrition companies and he is the creator of the Diet Quality Score (DQS) smartphone app. A lifelong athlete, he speaks frequently at events throughout the United States and internationally.

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49: Talking with Boston Marathon Legend Dave McGillivray

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49: In this episode, I had an opportunity to talk with the Boston Marathon Race Director and legend – Dave McGillivray. Dave has been a part of Boston Marathon for last 45 years as a runner for the first 15 years and managing the race for 30 years. Dave has many stories to tell about in-out of Boston Marathon.

In this episode we talk about:
*Dave’s running journey
*Running of Boston Marathon
*2013 Boston Marathon and change it brought to running community
*Charity runners vs. qualify runners
*fun facts about Boston Marathon

If you are running or like to run Boston Marathon, this is a good podcast for you to listen.

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Dave’s bio on Wikipedia

Enjoy the podcast!

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48: Running 15 Years of Miami Marathon: Talking with Frankie Ruiz

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#MRuns 48: In this episode, I talked with the co-founder of Miami Marathon Frankie Ruiz. Frankie has been life time runner as well local high school Cross Country Coach. He is a big part of running community in South Florida.

In this episode, we talk about following:
-Frankie’s Running Journey
-Miami Running Community
-Start of Miami Marathon
-Ins and outs of Miami Marathon
-Advice to those want to be future Race Director or grow their race
– Behind the sense of running a big city marathon

Here is Frankie’s Bio:

Frankie Ruiz co-founded Miami-based PR Racing, Inc which served as the launching pad for the Miami Marathon. In ’13, the company was acquired by Life Time Fitness. Currently, Frankie is the Chief Running Officer of the company. He is also the cross country coach for Belen Jesuit School since ’02, during that tenure he has lead them to 7 State Championships. Ruiz was a T&F collegiate athlete at FIU. In ’09, Frankie Ruiz launched the popular Run Club Network together with Nike, which encompasses over 15,000 runners each year. He is now Miami’s Nike+ Run Club Head Coach. Not too long ago, he was invited to give a TEDx Miami Talk on the Running Movement in Miami. He is also involved in Plan Z, Ludlam Trail & the Underline among several other major park initiatives. He sits on the Miami-Dade County GMCVB Sports Advisory Board, Green Mobility Network Board, Miami Foundation’s Our Miami Committee and the Parks Advisory Board. Frankie is also part-owner of GoRun Running store.


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47: From Couch Potato to Boston Marathoner to Ironman: Story of “Fast” Eddie McCoy

#MRuns 47: In this episode, I talked with a long time running friend – “Fast” Eddie. Eddie is very active runner and the former host of “Marathon Show” podcast. Eddie has many stories to tell about his running journey where he went from being a couch potato to a Boston qualifier less than a year. In recent days, he start to take on triathlon.

In this podcast, we talk about:
– ups and downs of Eddie running journey
– on becoming triathlete
– more

Enjoy the podcast!

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46: Pacing and Racing the world: Talking with Gary Dixon

#MRuns 46: In this episode, I talked with fellow pacer Gary Dixon. Gary is MRuns’ the first intentional guest from Liverpool England. Gary and I paced several Chicago Marathon and recently at Miami Marathon. Gary not only has passion for running, but also has passion for pacing and helping others. It was interesting to hear Gary’s story about pacing in UK and USA, as well running different parts of the world. Miami Marathon was Gary’s 127th marathon/ultra which includes 27 marathon pacing. He will pace 2017 London Marathon as well Berlin Marathon. If you are running either marathon, please look up Gary. He will be there to help or pace you.

In this episode, we talked about:
*on being a pacer
*pacing different events
*running different events around the world

Find Gary on twitter at @gdixon61

NOTE: In the UK pace groups refer as buses. So each time slot is classed as a ‘bus‘!

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45: How to Prevent Running Injuries? Talking with Dr. Beau Beard

#MRuns 45: In this episode, I talked with Dr. Beau Beard about running injuries prevention. As a runner as well as Doctorate of Chiropractic and Masters in Sports Science, Dr. Beard brings wealth of knowledge about running injuries and injuries perversion. Personally, I learned a lot listing to Dr. Beard.

In this episode, we talked about:
-Dr. Beard’s running/active life journey
-Common runners injuries
-Runners injuries prevention

visit the FARM website: http://www.chirofarm.com

Bio of Dr. Beau Beard:

Dr. Beau Beard was raised in small town middle America, where he enjoyed hunting, fishing and playing a variety of sports.  This is also where his chiropractic path began.  He suffered a femur fracture in middle school requiring surgery, and was told he would never play sports again.  With proper rehabilitation and a phenomenal chiropractor he was back to playing multiple sports within a year.  This is what sparked Dr. Beard’s passion for manual medicine and rehabilitation.  Dr. Beard attended Southern Illinois University where he obtained a business degree in 2006.  After his undergraduate education Dr. Beard lived and worked in Florida, Colorado and Alaska before attending Logan College of Chiropractic, where he graduated with his Doctorate of Chiropractic as well his Masters in Sports Science and Rehabilitation.  Dr. Beard has worked intimately with athletes of all levels and all sports.  He has worked with the University of Missouri, Bradley University, Lindenwood University and most recently Samford University, and has served as assistant medical director of several trail and road races. He has extensive training in chiropractic adjusting, myofascial release, kinesio taping, sports rehabilitation, exercise prescription, athlete assessment and sport specific development.  


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44: From Stay at Home Mom to Social Runner and Social Media Influencer: Story of Kristin Long

#Mruns 44: In this episode, I talked with Kristin Long aka @BamaGirlRuns. Kristin was not always a runner. Once she took on running, her passion for running grew in may directions. Now, she is not only runs races, she also helps other to achieve their running goals and dreams. Over the years, she also become a great ambassador for running as well as Social Media Influencer. You can find Kristin on most of Social Media platforms with @Bamagirlruns handle. Busy mother of 3 growing teenagers, Kristin has managed to complete 44 half marathons, 12 full marathons, and numerous 5ks and 10ks.

In this episode, we talked about following:
-Dopey Challenge at the Walt Disney World Marathon
-Kristin Running journey
-Being Social Media Influencer
-Be a mom runner
-New City Marathon’s Social Media ambassador for a day
-Being a Social runner

Blog post: http://bamagirlruns.blogspot.com/


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43: Seeing the world One Mile at a time through Running: Talking with Meghan Hicks

#MRuns 43: In this episode, I talked with Meghan Hicks, Senior Editor at iRunFar.com, about her running journey as well as seeing the world one mile at a time and one event at a time through running. It is interesting to listen how far a running can take a person beyond their comfort zones. There are so much to see and so much to discover through running. If you ever want to get out of your bubble zones and see the world, this is a great podcast to listen.

-In this episode, we talk about :
-Meghan’s running journey
-Running trails and covering events around the world
-How to run races beyond your comfort zones/regions
-Building great running community and environment

Note: Podcast hosting moved to SoundCloud.com from Mruns.com. If you are use iTunes to listen to Mruns’ podcast, nothing changed for you.

@MaratonRuns on SoundCloud: @marathonruns



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