My 14 Lessons from Pinhoti 100

Pinhoti 100


1) Good training with a mix of uphill and downhill trail/road training is important.
2) If you can, try to run part of the race course once, especially sections that you may have to run during the night.
3) Do not play with Mother Nature. She will always win. Keep mindful and prepare ahead of time for the race day weather.
4) When you think something is going bad, most likely it is. Slow down and apply different strategies as you go along. 100 mile races are long and many things can go wrong. Just keep your cool and calm.
5) Keep moving forward even when the voice inside you may say you should stop or drop out.
6) If you can, get crews and pacers who know you well. If not, spend time with them prior to the race so that they can help to push you through some hard moments.
7) Have the big goal of finishing the race, and have the small goal of getting from aid station to aid station before the cut off time.
8) Have proper race planning long before the race week – food, clothing, drop bags, etc.
9) Pack a flashlight, at least 2 headlamps and extra batteries – these do not cost a lot and make a world of difference during late night. Always carry a backup headlamp with you.
10) Learn to eat on the run. Planning is important prior to the race, and is equally important during the race.
11) Enjoy the race. It is not often we get to be in the woods for a 30 hour run.
12) Plan for after the race. It will be a while before you start to walk like normal.
13) Do not worry about others passing you. Just run your race. It is a long race. You can pass them along the way.
14) Do not forget to thank the volunteers and race staff. Some of them will be out there just as long as you are, or even longer.


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