44: From Stay at Home Mom to Social Runner and Social Media Influencer: Story of Kristin Long

#Mruns 44: In this episode, I talked with Kristin Long aka @BamaGirlRuns. Kristin was not always a runner. Once she took on running, her passion for running grew in many directions. Now, she is not only runs races, she also helps other to achieve their running goals and dreams. Over the years, she also become a great ambassador for running as well as Social Media Influencer. You can find Kristin on most of Social Media platforms with @Bamagirlruns handle. Busy mother of 3 growing teenagers, Kristin has managed to complete 44 half marathons, 12 full marathons, and numerous 5ks and 10ks.

In this episode, we talked about following:
-Dopey Challenge at the Walt Disney World Marathon
-Kristin Running journey
-Being Social Media Influencer
-Be a mom runner
-New City Marathon’s Social Media ambassador for a day
-Being a Social runner

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