More Long Miles And Feeling Better

I ran another very long run yesterday.  I ran a 22 miler and felt much better this go round.  After my run-in with ‘the wall’ on my 20 miler two weeks ago, I decided to try a couple of slight modifications.
1. Get to bed early the night before. It’s amazing how that one hour of extra sleep can make you feel that much better!
2. Eat a good breakfast before the run. I had a banana and oatmeal for breakfast.
3. Instead of a walk-run ratio of 1 mile / .1 mile, I did a ratio of .9 mile / .1 mile. It only added two recovery intervals to my training run. It made it easier to keep track of how far I was moving along as well.
4. I have to give this tip to Jeff Galloway and his website. He recommended that rather than trying to run strongly from the beginning, run a little more conservatively. This will help you to push the wall back further towards the end of the race. So, I started this week’s long run at a one minute slower pace than what I usually start at. Now, I’m not a fast runner, but my overall average pace per mile ended up being only 19 seconds per mile slower than the previous long run. And I didn’t hit the wall. In fact, other than my legs being very sore, I finished strong and feeling good!!!

I did my usual fuel intake at miles 6 (Gu), 12 (Sports Beans), and 18 (a banana).  And plenty of water along the way.  What also helped out was the weather.  It was a few degrees cooler than previously, and there was a nice strong breeze throughout the run!  I’m looking forward to this fall weather.  I think it will help us all to run more comfortably.

This upcoming weekend I have a short race to run with my daughter, and I’ll also want to cut back a bit to help with the recovery from yesterday’s run.  So, I’ll just plan on an easy 12 miler to keep me going.
Good luck in your running!!!


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