Meeting the Legend – Fauja Singh

Fauja Singh is a very interesting man. When he was 89, ran his first marathon. That’s right. 89. After this, you would expect this to be the maximum age for running, right? Wrong. Since that day, Fauja Singh has ran several more marathons and way more half marathons. Today he’s 98, and still going strong. His accomplishments are so great he has been featured in an Adidas campaign alongside greats such as David Beckham and Zinédine Zidane.

Lately, at the Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon Expo, I met him when he was doing a speech to a crowd about how he does what he does. And what  did he say? One quote that’s sure to last is “I like all sports, because they all require discipline”. Which made me realize that since running is a sport, you have to have discipline to run. Also, after the 5k was finished and done, I saw him again. This time, I saw something like a twinkle in his eyes, and it came to me that it was truly amazing how he was able to run an entire 5k at an age where other people would have been settled down for quite a few years, or else wouldn’t be able to reach the age. Maybe that’s the real reason running is important: Don’t you all want to live at the great old age of Fauja Singh and be able to run like him? I know I do. Like the title of his campaign, I guess “Nothing is Impossible”, and “Impossible is Nothing”.

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