Lessons from 2010-2011 Marathon Season

Following lessons learned are from multiple marathoner and half marathoner. If you want to add yours, please add to comment part of this post:

  1. After a bad race don’t sulk around, get back out on the roads
  2. Never ever quit, you may have to walk to the finish line but never quit
  3. You are not there to win but to run, run your race
  4. Always keep a pair of running gloves in your car after October 1st, you may forget to bring your normal pair one day
  5. Sometimes you run to train and sometimes you run for fun, just know which one you are doing before hitting the roads
  6. Listen to others, everyone has something to pass along that may help you become a better runner
  7. Wear the uncomfortable gaudy looking reflective clothing in the dead of winter when it is dark, it is a fashion statement
  8. Even at destination marathons, do not go wild with local food until after marathon
  9. Do not follow pace group. They will run you down, and will not even wait for you.
  10. If you in love with your GPS watch, leave them at home before race.
  11. Run as light — Run unattached
  12. In most race, ever up hills has a down hills. Slow down going up hills, makeup your pace when going down hills.
  13. Marathon is about connecting with friends and families.
  14. Have fun running
  15. Do not try a new flavor of GU during the race
  16. Bad shoes gives one the blues!
  17. Run with a group to make the long runs tolerable.
  18. All runners are liars!! You will run farther than they say at the start of the run!
  19. Long runs require lubing up, you won’t do it but once… me!
  20. You will find few places that do not have hills on a 20+ mile run, train for hills ie..’attack the hills!’ As the song goes, ‘what goes up, must come down’!
  21. When you feel you can’t go any farther, suck it up you have 4 to 6 more miles to go, this is called the ‘Wall’.
  22. When you finish the marathon, it does not hurt! ………LOL!!!!!
  23. Don’t think about how far you have to go, but ” I only have ‘x’ amount to go”.
  24. Get plenty of rest and hydration before long runs, and continue to hydrate throughout the run.
  25. lesson learned this season: TRAINING IS THE KEY TO IMPROVING
  26. Keep track of mileage on shoes… good way to avoid unnecessary injuries
  27. When you fatigue, some things that might keep you going are shorter strides, make sure you are swinging your arms front to back, concentrate on your breathing, lift your knees
  28. Drink plenty of water in a half or full marathon
  29. If it helps listen to some music in your training runs (or the race)
  30. Be conscious about stretching after long runs( will help your next run )
  31. Try to focus on your FORM while you are running ( especially at the end of longer runs )
  32. Tweak the things that didn’t work for you from your last race, do the same with the things that did work.
  33. Goes back to the last one: if you have a bad race figure out what didn’t work and change it.
  34. Try not to sulk and get depressed. Just work out another game plan!
  35. Always remember to try to enjoy yourself as much as possible and KNOW how fortunate we are to actually BE running when others are not!

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