Is running as a part of your New Year’s resolution?

Do you have your New Year’s resolution yet? Do you want to be healthy? Lose a few pounds off you? Spend time with your family? If so, running will provide everything that I have listed.

Here are my suggestions. Other runners can add some more suggestions:

1) Get a good pair of running shoes. They usually cost less than $100. It is a great one time investment for a year or so (Recommended 500 miles). If you find a shoe on sale it is even better. I use the ASICS 2140. I think a new model is out, so the ASICS2140 should be on sale.

2)You could start slow. You could run a minute and walk a minute for a week. Build on from there. I will have more posts on this in the coming months.

3)If you have never run a race in life, you should set a goal of running a local 5k. It usually helps charity and you as well. It is also a lot of fun.

4)If you are just starting 30 minutes a day, 3 days a week that is all you need. People have misconceptions that we runners run all the time (that is what everyone thinks I do). During training months, I only run 3 days a week, and 5-5-and long miles during the weekend- most of the time Sunday.

Good luck!


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