4 thoughts on “Inaugural Ruffner Mountain High Crusher Ridge 21K – Talking to Race Director Vanessa Stroud

  1. Great interview and it was a “crushing” run. Don’t come next year looking for a sissy, Family Trail run. Reminded me of the way trail races were done in the “old days”, when men were men. By the way, I cried like a little girl the whole time. Great race Vanessa and great post Suman.

  2. Tough and challenging run but that gives it personallity. Trough out the run I kept hearing the little voice in my head saying “toughen up butter cup”!

  3. Tough course but I enjoyed it the whole time. You get hills, rocks, single track trails, fire roads, boulders and more insane climbs all without driving too far. I will be back!

  4. I will be back. I loved every min.of it. Thank you Vanessa and all the wonderful people that helped bring this great trail race to light. You and Ruffer Mountain made me feel special.

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