2 thoughts on “I am a Hoka Runner! Talking to Hoka Runners!

  1. I starting running in Hoka Tarmac on trails, I love the shoes however because I under pronate they caused my quads to wear out causing my knee to track wrong and giving me a bad case of runners knee. I still run in them but not all the time, I switch back to a more flexibly shoe so I don’t have any more problems.

  2. I was at the point of the very existence of my running was in jeopardy due to ankle arthritis. Began running in Hokas 2.5 years ago.Last May I re-entered the ultra scene after a 6 year hiatus, and over the past 12 months have done 3 50k’s, one tough trail marathon, and one road marathon. I am convinced that without Hokas, this would not have been possible.

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