Happy Thanks Giving!!!

I would like to wish all runners Happy Thanks Giving!

We, the runners, need to be Thankful that we can run.  Go out and run 3-5 miles (or more) to thank yourself, your family, and life you live as a runner during this holiday.

Have a Great Thanks Giving Holiday!!!


6 thoughts on “Happy Thanks Giving!!!

  1. You are welcome Neil. I am planning to run Half Marathon this weekend to celebrate the Thanks Giving…

    Happy Thanks Giving!!!

  2. Suman – you are right. No matter how slowly we move forward, we need to be always thankful for that gift and blessing. Good luck in your half. See you soon on the roads

  3. Hello Coach AL,

    You are correct; it is “Gift and Blessing”. We, the runners, should not take it for granted

    Have a Great Thanks Giving!


  4. I am thankful for being able to run with my family! We have 4 children and they all are runners. Ages 9, 14,16,18. We will all be participating in the Seattle Marathons events on Nov.29 & 30.

  5. I totally agree with you-Janna. I also have running family. My wife runs 5k and older daughter runs 1 miler. She is also running kids progressive marathon. We all ran past weekend. I had a great half-marathon (13.5)-1:45:27. My wife was third on age group. My older daughter was first girl on the 1 miler fun run.

    I am thankful that I have a running family. By them running, it gives a great support and understanding.

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