Got Hill at Oak Mt.?


  • BMX (start and finish)
  • Yellow – towards North Trail-head
  • Make Right on hill to Camp Tranquility – if you cross a creek, you have gone too far.
  • Up the hill, and down the gravel road
  • Left on the Yellow-white connector
  • Top of Yellow-white, take Left on white towards yellow
  • Right on Yellow toward Maggie’s Glen
  • Stay on Right on Yellow on Maggie’s Glean towards North trail head
  • From North trailhead go up on Blue
  • About a mile from start of North trailhead make left on Eagle’s Nest Overlook
  • Go to down towards Blue trail from the Eagle’s Nest Overlook
  • Make left on Blue coming down from the Eagle’s Nest Overlook
  • Go to the top of blue and make right. Run on the Ridge (do not make turn to King’s Chair)
  • Make Right turn first Blue/red connector on the ridge towards Red trail
  • Left on Red. Go to top of Red and keep running on the ridge for a while
  • Right on Green toward the bottom
  • Make a right on red. (do not go all the way to top of green)
  • Keep running on red till trails meet Green/Red/Yellow trail mark
  • Left on Yellow towards South (do not go right. It will take you to BMX. unless you want to half of the “Got Hill”).
  • Water re-fill/bathroom break
  • Left on Red towards Johnson Mt.
  • Past Blood Rock and Jackal and Hide – Right on that red trail going towards the Peavine fall road. DO NOT MAKE LEFT to jeep Road.
  • Take Red/Green connector next to the gate close to road going
  • Make Right on Green
  • Peavine Fall parking lot
  • Run towards Peavine Fall
  • Down to Peavine Fall (Yes you have to go down)
  • Go little bit down and climb up to get to blue
  • Left on blue (do not run blue towards North trailhead)
  • Right white past the creekt
  • White/green
  • Right on Green
  • Go down straight on new green trail (yes, now we have two green)
  • When new green merge with old green take left
  • Past Red, Yellow, Green intersection (one past on pervious loop), go to top of green trail and make right on Green/Yellow connector
  • Go on yellow towards BMX
  • Stay on Yellow till BMX
  • BMX

This is around 25 miles route – give and take. It took us around 6 hrs and 30 minutes with all stoppage. Bring plenty of water for your journey.

Good Luck!


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