Getting My Mojo Back

After running the Mercedes Marathon on Feb 14th, 2010 (5th marathon of the 2009-2010 season), I was torn apart. I felt so worn out and burned out. I felt that I had left all my running on the marathon course. My body was telling me to stop and rest, but I know that I could not stop. I had no desire to run one extra mile even though I knew that I had one last marathon to prepare for. I was not looking forward for next 35 days of training. I wanted to stop.

Cara’s previous post ( states: “We are all Kenyans”. But I did not feel anything close to it. I knew that I was committed to run the ING GA Marathon on March 21st, 2010 ( I did not want to back down from my commitment.

I started my training on Wednesday after the marathon. I had no desire to train. A week after the marathon, I still felt that I was not doing the right thing by getting ready for yet another marathon. I felt that I had to overcome this feeling. I trained “one day at a time”.

The weather started to get better. I slowly started to enjoy my training runs again. My pain and the burned out feeling from the previous marathon started to fade away. I started to train 4 days a week. I also took out cross-training from my training schedule. All my training in the last few weeks were running miles.

After three weeks, I feel that I finally got my mojo back. I ran 20 miles on March 7th. From the past two weeks, I trained more than 66 miles. I will train more than 100 miles between my marathons (within 35 days).  I am able to feel strong and ready – mentally and physically. I am also looking forward to end my 2009-2010 season!!

In conclusion, I learned a valuable lesson: a marathon month is very hard physically and mentally. Before you try a marathon a month, make sure that you prepare to go through the challenges that comes with it. This task is doable, as long as you are committed.

One of my mantras I received from my running buddy Kevin Bokus — “Mental Toughness”… I will be chanting that mantra throughout my next marathon on March 21(

Remember this, and see you then!


2 thoughts on “Getting My Mojo Back

  1. Thanks for the mention, Suman. “Mental Toughness” is a mantra I’ve had for a long time, going all the way back to my days as a high school swimmer. Have fun during at your sixth marathon in six months – truly a great accomplishment that you can be proud of! Next up… Triathlon!

  2. Thanks Kevin. Since I did not run Oct, I was told that I cannot say 6/6. It is 6/7 ;)… but anyhow, like you say “truly a great accomplishment” – once I cross that finish line on March 21st it will be.

    You and Bill have been great running partners this season. The countless running hours we spent have been a great learning experience and fun this season.

    I will have to blog on that for sure.

    Still thinking about Tri, but it will have to wait till May.

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