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FullSizeRenderSeason of giving continues: Free Mercedes Full Marathon give away. Here what you nee to do enter: Tell us your story of running marathon(s). why do you run a marathon? Why could not you stop at 5k or half marathon? What does Mercedes-Benz Marathon Weekend mean to you? Please enter by December 27th. A winner will be announced on December 28th. Please post post all you comments here or on Facebook.


NOTE: please put a valid email on comment section so that I can contact you. If not, please use Facebook link.


9 thoughts on “Free Mercedes Full Marathon give away

  1. I run because it is very fulfilling to work towards a goal and finally attain it! I run marathons to show my kids what hard work is and what a healthy life style looks like. Running is my sanity. I homeschool my five kids and also have custody of my niece and nephew. So going out for a run is my only alone time. We are a military family and just moved to New Jersey from Birmingham. I would love to win this entry to Mercedes! I love this race. I’ve run the full twice and half once. Thank you!

  2. I trained for and ran the Marine Corps Marathon this year as a way to honor my dad and uncles all who served. It was my first and only marathon but I beat my goal time by two minutes!

    The Mercedes Half marathon is special because it was the first big race I trained for starting in Oct 2008. Used the Jeff Galloway run/walk method to prepare and achieved my goal time Feb 2009. I’ve steadily improved but running has made me better in all areas of life.

    Thank you for a platform to give thanks about what running means to me. Email dgraves1070 at gmail

  3. Yesterday Dec 13, I ran a 4:55:39 marathon which was about an hour better than last years time of 5:52. I have always wanted to run Mercedes for the experience and to work toward my goal of Boston quailifing. My goal is to run a 3:55 somwehere between age 60 & 64. My present age is 59.

  4. I run so that I can have time with my best friend and meet new friends. I run so that I can be healthy and play with my children.

  5. I have lived with Crohn’s Disease for over 25 years. I started running casually in 2009 to loose a little weight and take control of my health. In August of 2012, after a routine colonoscopy, a tumor was found that turned out to be cancer. I immediately had surgery to remove part of my colon. Then, just 6 months post op, in February 2013, I did the Mercedes Half and that still stands as my fastest time. I then had this notion, that since I beat cancer, run a great half, that I should try a full marathon. I picked the 2013 Rocket City Marathon just up the road in Huntsville. I completed this, even though I was coming off PF and under trained. I now want redemption for the tuff time I had at Rocket City. I’ve always loved and admired the Mercedes Marathon and Half Marathon. This year, I wasn’t able to do Rocket City because of work and financial obligations, so Mercedes fits in my plan.
    If I’m not lucky enough to win, I’ll probably be signing up anyways.

    See you in February!

  6. Whether it’s a quick run in the neighborhood with the dog or a long run full of gossip wit the girls, I always feel so much better after a run. It’s the best stress reliever that I’ve found — and you burn calories to boot!

  7. I’ve never ran a marathon. I set my mind to do one earlier this year and I want to join the “ranks” of super awesome people everywhere who have done the distance. I want to make my family proud.

  8. I’ve run 4 Marathons now. My first was Mercedes Marathon in 2002. I was a junior in high school trying to do something that most high school kids can’t imagine. I ran a 3:56:54 my first time out.

    My most recent marathon was Rocket City a few weeks back; however, it wasn’t to race or push myself, but as a training mentor for our local Fleet Feet group. I paced a lady to her first marathon finish just under 5:30.

    I generally run the marathon as a way to push myself and my limits physically and mentally in a way that only a marathon can. In some ways however, I feel like helping another person achieve that goal of completing the marathon is more satisfying and rewarding than concurring your own limits.

    Because I spent my Fall marathon season helping others, I am looking for a Late Winter/Early Spring Marathon to push myself in. I’ve been thinking that maybe Mercedes Marathon fits the bill and would allow me to bring my marathoning career full circle.

  9. I run because when I do, I feel complete. I feel as if when I am using my body in the way it was intended I feel closer to the creator and more in line with the universe. As a converted half miler, my current longest race is a 16 miler, but I am up to the challenge of adding to that total. 2015 is going to be a year of running that will transform me into a next level runner, and I will earn the title ultrarunner. Running Mercedes early in the year will set the foundation for me to build my mileage to attain my goals. Usually, my racedays are lonely events since I run them alone due to the high entry fees. This entry will allow me to run with a large group of running brethren whose positive energy will pull me to the finish! See you out there at Mercedes 2015…

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