Four Marathons – Four Lessons

It’s been a long ride. In such a short period of time I have ran 4 full marathons in 4+ months. With each of these marathons, I have learned many lessons. These are the lessons I have learned.

1. Toronto Marathon (September) = Joy

Here, I learned how much joy you get by completing a marathon. When I crossed that finish line, you cannot imagine how great I was feeling. I was just so happy with myself.

( 3 hrs 57 mins)

2. New York Marathon (November) = Fun

In New York, I realized how fun running marathons could be. I enjoyed the entire trip, and had no regrets coming there.

(4 hrs 27 mins)

3.   Huntsville Rocket City Marathon (December) = Hard Work

In this marathon, I pushed myself like I had never pushed myself before. Every personal record I had ever held was broken in one single race. At the end, when I was tired, I was still glad, because I had done something I never knew I could do.

(3 hrs 43 mins)

4.  Mobile Marathon (January) = Courage

A little before this marathon, I was worried. It had been only a month since the Huntsville marathon, my most intense one. My legs were still hurting from it, and I didn’t know whether I was healthy enough to run another marathon. But I took on the challenge anyways, and not only did I complete it, I had fun.

(4 hrs 33 mins)

So now that I have said this, there is only one more question remaining: What will my lessons be for my final 2 marathons – (The Mercedes Marathon and The ING Georgia Marathon)?

Toronto Marathon
New York Marathon
Huntsville Marathon
Mobile Marathon

2 thoughts on “Four Marathons – Four Lessons

  1. Suman – the lessons are ALWAYS in the journey and not the destination. In over 30 years of running long distances, I am convinced that runners always surround themselves with good people in training and in racing. You deserve congratulations for your individual accomplishment, but your influence goes far beyond that. I’m thankful for friends like you. Keep up the good work

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