Double Oak 50 Miles Training Run – Turn By Turn

The Double Oak 50 Miles Training Run – Turn By Turn

NOTE: You need to have some knowledge of Oak mt. trails to run this course.

Click here for a link to the map.

Part 1

  • BMX
  • Take Red to North Trailhead
  • Take Blue To Top
  • Make Left to Kings’ Chair (optional)
  • Take Blue from Peavin Fall
  • Do NOT go down to Peavine Fall (there is another run for those.  NOT this one)
  • Take white towards North trailhead
  • Cross Jeep road and keep taking white to Orage white connector (If you want to go back to car, here are few places you can drop. Yellow/white connector or continue on white and take left of yellow to BMX)
  • Make Right On White/Orange connector
  • Go down till close to jeep road and take Red trail bike trail close to jeep road. NOTE: I have never taken Red trail here. If you are not sure, just take jeep road.
  • Once you get back to where white/jeep road meets continue West Ridge trail (red Trail). NOTE: Do not continue on the jeep road
  • The end of West Ridge Trail, continue where you meet Green trail (a bit hard to find when it is grown, but this time of the year it is not difficult). Just in case you end on jeep road make: Make left on jeep trail and make left on Green Trail toward Peavine fall
  • Those continue on West Ridge trail till you meet the green trail
  • Go all the way to Peavin fall parking. There is a bathroom here.
  • Take road down to overview Gate. Take trail towards blood rock on red trail. Option: You can take the jeep road back to north trailhead here.
  • When you get the intersection of red trail to go down to blood rock, but continue on the trail till it ends on the jeep road.
  • Take Jeep Road back to North Trail Head
  • On North Trail Head: if we have some supplies, this will be a good place to get it. This is also a good place to drop. You can take White and Yellow back to BMX or White and Camp road back to BMX
  • Those continue, take the new Red trail till the end.
  • Go through double lake down to HWY 119 entrance and toward the lake
  • Cross the dam (I am not sure water level here. Mostly, it is NOT bad, but your shoes may get wet. You may need to have another set of shoes when you get back to the car)
  • Once the cross dam. Get to Campground area.
  • On campsite, keep going towards the entrance. Past Entrance, there is a yellow trail on the left which will take you to North Trailhead
  • Get to North Trailhead
  • Go toward BMX via White/Yellow
  • Break or drop off at BMX
  • That is your First loop

NOTE: I feel that this is around 30++ miles. Having water and supplies for this long is hard. Just keep that on your mind. I may need to do some modification on double lake run to get back to the car for supplies.

Part 2:

This part gets interesting. In past, I have been able to run about 10++ miles. We need about 15-20 miles here. It is not easy to get. We will give a try.

  • Take Yellow toward the south trailhead
  • Take Orage trail toward Scout Campground
  • Take jeep road down to yellow
  • Take yellow (do not take yellow-white) towards the south trailhead
  • When you arrive at Yellow/Green/Jackel & Hide intersection, take Jackel & Hide. 
  • Run On Jackel & Hide till you get to the road to Peavine fall. NOTE: this is fast Mt. Bike trail, just be careful. 
  • When you get to Pavine fall road, make right and take Red trail (note there is orange trail, do not take that) NOTE: If you need to restock water or bathroom break, you can go to north trailhead parking area toward the bathroom. If you go connect back to the family trail
  • Make a Left on Rattle Snake trail.
  • Make a left on Family
  • Make left on Rattle Snake Trail
  • Take Rattle Snake Trail till you reach red
  • Take Red towards BMX
  • Option 1: when you arrive scout gate: Take No Hill trail till you reach Red trail. Make a left of Red till BMX.
  • Option 2: Take Yellow toward BMX. When
    you arrive at Red Trai. make left toward BMX
  • That is End of south trail

NOTE: I feel that this second part may not have all 20 miles. If you run it, we may able to adjust this in the future by adding a few other trails.

Also, this is a good trail option to take your train for two or three days.






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