Still running after 1500+ miles and 34 races

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It has been a year and half since I started to run. Here I am after 1500+miles and 34 races, still running!I have not looked back ever since. Instead, I am looking forward for more marathons and 5ks/10ks to run.

My 1500+ miles included places like Kathmandu (in Nepal), Toronto (in Canada), Edinburgh (in the UK) and across the USA (Atlanta, Birmingham, Omaha … etc).   I plan to run in more countries/cities around the world.

My 34 races included two half marathons, two full marathons and many 5ks-15ks.  It has been a life changing experience for me.  I also collected many medals and other prizes from these races. 

I hope to run in coming days, months and years. Maybe… Maybe I will  run ’till I’m 100!

My PR for 

– 5k –  21 Min

-10k – 45 min

-15k  – 1 hr 12 min

-Half Marathon  – 1 hr 44 mines

-Full Marathon – 3 hrs 51 min.

Here are my race stats:

Race Date Race Name  Distance Time
5/1/2009 CASEY’S CAUSE 5K  5k 21:30:00
4/24/2009 UAB Dollars for Scholars  10k 47:33:00
4/18/2009 Statue To Statue  15k 1:12:26
4/4/2009 High Country 5k 21:55:00
3/28/2009 Rumpshaker 5K 5k 21:26:00
3/14/2009 Perseverance Run 5k                  21:52.9
3/7/2009 Knights of Columbus Run  5k 22:27:00
2/28/2009 Adam’s Heart run 10 k 46:19:00
2/15/2009 Mercedes Marathon 26.2 miles 3:51:00
1/31/2009 Brenda Ladun Conquer Cancer Run  8k 0:34:09
12/1/2008 Jingle Bell Run 5k 0:26:51
11/30/2008 Atlanta Thanksgiving Marathon 26.2 miles 3:51:00
11/1/2008 Vulcan 10K 5k 45:33:00
10/25/2008 JSU 5k 5k 21:18:00
9/13/2008 Sobriety Run  5k 21:35.6
8/23/2008 Liberty Park 5K  5k 21:32.4
8/1/2008 University of Montevallo 5k  5k  21:00:00
7/26/2008 Retro 5K Run 5k 21:14.1
7/4/2008 Peavine Falls Run 8.2 Mile 1:04:03
6/21/2008 Stampede Run Stampede  5k 21:20.6
6/7/2008 Perseverance Run 5k 21:44.6
5/24/2008 Spring Scramble  5k 21:25:00
5/10/2008 Zoo Run  5k 21:49:00
4/25/2008 UAB Dollars for Scholars  10k 48:50.7
4/19/2008 Statue To Statue  15k 1:13:03
4/12/2008 High Country  5k 22:33.0
3/30/2008 ING GA Half Marathon 13.1 Miles 1:44:47
3/22/2008 Christ Church Run To The Cross 5k 22:52.7
3/9/2008 PASSING ON THE BLESSINGS  5k 23:48.8
2/23/2008 Adam’s Heart Run  10 miles 1:19:09
2/10/2008 Mercedes Half Marathon 13.1 miles 1:48:51
1/12/2008 Red Nose Run 10 mi 1:22:01
12/15/2007 Meadow Brook 5k 5k 25:50:00
11/17/2007 Samford PhiMu  5k 28:50:00

Garmin Forerunner 405 Vs. 305

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I am thinking about upgrading my Garmin Forerunner from 305 to 405. Here is a link for the Garmin Forerunner 405 :

In the last few weeks, the Garmin 305 has been giving me trouble.  At, they are having a sale for the 405 from May 1st to May 10th.

The Forerunner has helped my running. It is one of the best running items. If you can afford one, I suggest you to get at least a 305.



Why Run?

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 People always ask me: “Why do you run?”

There are many answers to this question. But one answer that most people would expect to hear is that “I would like to stay healthy…”.

I can give you 10 more answers to this same question that many people may not want to hear but are true…

Here are few things that I am thinking right now…

1)       Just because I can

2)      It clears my mind and soul. I discover and rediscover myself during some of these runs and races. Especially after 20 miles  during a marathon, you have to go deep inside to find your soul to answer the same question people are asking. 

3)      Death is unavoidable for everyone… but if possible, I would like to prolong my life. I am doing my part to stay and live longer.  I hope God does his part too.


I still do not have full answers to the question. Give me 10 years (I hope I am still running then). I may have an answer for you by then.


End of Semester And Start of Running time

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Finally, the long awaited end of the 2009 Spring semester is here. I am ready to take a break from my busy school work and start logging more miles. I am still reading a lot of books, but it is something I enjoy a lot. I am looking forward to adding some hours of running in the coming days. I will start to post my plans and my training schedule. I hope it will be helpful to someone…

Life is too short to just stand still at one place…  SO KEEP ON MOVING!!!!