Running with a Group

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When I first started to run a year and a half ago, one of my fellow runners who had been running for almost 20 years told me that “Running is a sport that you can run by yourself, with a group, in the morning, or at night”. It stayed with me.

Most of my miles were logged with only myself running. Running is called a lonely sport. We runners log a lot of miles alone on the trail or on the road. Even with this new age of iPods and MP3 Players, running by yourself is still not as satisfying as running with a group.

I suggest all you people out there to find a group of runners to run with. It is fun.

I do try to run my long weekend run with a group(s). I have few running gruops that I run with. When you run in a gruop,  a person next to you could be a lawer, a Dr. , VP,  clark at local store etc. once you on the trail with your group, we all are same. A runner.


Still running after 1500+ miles and 34 races

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It has been a year and half since I started to run. Here I am after 1500+miles and 34 races, still running!I have not looked back ever since. Instead, I am looking forward for more marathons and 5ks/10ks to run.

My 1500+ miles included places like Kathmandu (in Nepal), Toronto (in Canada), Edinburgh (in the UK) and across the USA (Atlanta, Birmingham, Omaha … etc).   I plan to run in more countries/cities around the world.

My 34 races included two half marathons, two full marathons and many 5ks-15ks.  It has been a life changing experience for me.  I also collected many medals and other prizes from these races. 

I hope to run in coming days, months and years. Maybe… Maybe I will  run ’till I’m 100!

My PR for 

– 5k –  21 Min

-10k – 45 min

-15k  – 1 hr 12 min

-Half Marathon  – 1 hr 44 mines

-Full Marathon – 3 hrs 51 min.

Here are my race stats:

Race Date Race Name  Distance Time
5/1/2009 CASEY’S CAUSE 5K  5k 21:30:00
4/24/2009 UAB Dollars for Scholars  10k 47:33:00
4/18/2009 Statue To Statue  15k 1:12:26
4/4/2009 High Country 5k 21:55:00
3/28/2009 Rumpshaker 5K 5k 21:26:00
3/14/2009 Perseverance Run 5k                  21:52.9
3/7/2009 Knights of Columbus Run  5k 22:27:00
2/28/2009 Adam’s Heart run 10 k 46:19:00
2/15/2009 Mercedes Marathon 26.2 miles 3:51:00
1/31/2009 Brenda Ladun Conquer Cancer Run  8k 0:34:09
12/1/2008 Jingle Bell Run 5k 0:26:51
11/30/2008 Atlanta Thanksgiving Marathon 26.2 miles 3:51:00
11/1/2008 Vulcan 10K 5k 45:33:00
10/25/2008 JSU 5k 5k 21:18:00
9/13/2008 Sobriety Run  5k 21:35.6
8/23/2008 Liberty Park 5K  5k 21:32.4
8/1/2008 University of Montevallo 5k  5k  21:00:00
7/26/2008 Retro 5K Run 5k 21:14.1
7/4/2008 Peavine Falls Run 8.2 Mile 1:04:03
6/21/2008 Stampede Run Stampede  5k 21:20.6
6/7/2008 Perseverance Run 5k 21:44.6
5/24/2008 Spring Scramble  5k 21:25:00
5/10/2008 Zoo Run  5k 21:49:00
4/25/2008 UAB Dollars for Scholars  10k 48:50.7
4/19/2008 Statue To Statue  15k 1:13:03
4/12/2008 High Country  5k 22:33.0
3/30/2008 ING GA Half Marathon 13.1 Miles 1:44:47
3/22/2008 Christ Church Run To The Cross 5k 22:52.7
3/9/2008 PASSING ON THE BLESSINGS  5k 23:48.8
2/23/2008 Adam’s Heart Run  10 miles 1:19:09
2/10/2008 Mercedes Half Marathon 13.1 miles 1:48:51
1/12/2008 Red Nose Run 10 mi 1:22:01
12/15/2007 Meadow Brook 5k 5k 25:50:00
11/17/2007 Samford PhiMu  5k 28:50:00

Garmin Forerunner 405 Vs. 305

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I am thinking about upgrading my Garmin Forerunner from 305 to 405. Here is a link for the Garmin Forerunner 405 :

In the last few weeks, the Garmin 305 has been giving me trouble.  At, they are having a sale for the 405 from May 1st to May 10th.

The Forerunner has helped my running. It is one of the best running items. If you can afford one, I suggest you to get at least a 305.



Why Run?

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 People always ask me: “Why do you run?”

There are many answers to this question. But one answer that most people would expect to hear is that “I would like to stay healthy…”.

I can give you 10 more answers to this same question that many people may not want to hear but are true…

Here are few things that I am thinking right now…

1)       Just because I can

2)      It clears my mind and soul. I discover and rediscover myself during some of these runs and races. Especially after 20 miles  during a marathon, you have to go deep inside to find your soul to answer the same question people are asking. 

3)      Death is unavoidable for everyone… but if possible, I would like to prolong my life. I am doing my part to stay and live longer.  I hope God does his part too.


I still do not have full answers to the question. Give me 10 years (I hope I am still running then). I may have an answer for you by then.


End of Semester And Start of Running time

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Finally, the long awaited end of the 2009 Spring semester is here. I am ready to take a break from my busy school work and start logging more miles. I am still reading a lot of books, but it is something I enjoy a lot. I am looking forward to adding some hours of running in the coming days. I will start to post my plans and my training schedule. I hope it will be helpful to someone…

Life is too short to just stand still at one place…  SO KEEP ON MOVING!!!!