18 milers in hot southern weather days

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I ran 18 miler in the hot weather that took around 3 hrs . When I was done, it was around 85 degrees F.

Here is what I did to get ready for my long miles during these  hot weather days:

1) Drank water all day before

2) Drank water before started the run

3) wore light cloth, wore sun glasses and hat

4) Sun screen location for sure

5) Ran with a group to just to make sure that I would not fall apart during the run

6) Drank water every chance I got

I hope these simple tips will help you. It is hard to train during these hot southern summer days. But I am hoping that I will get a great pay off during my fall and winter marathons.

Keep on Running!


Running with a Group

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When I first started to run a year and a half ago, one of my fellow runners who had been running for almost 20 years told me that “Running is a sport that you can run by yourself, with a group, in the morning, or at night”. It stayed with me.

Most of my miles were logged with only myself running. Running is called a lonely sport. We runners log a lot of miles alone on the trail or on the road. Even with this new age of iPods and MP3 Players, running by yourself is still not as satisfying as running with a group.

I suggest all you people out there to find a group of runners to run with. It is fun.

I do try to run my long weekend run with a group(s). I have few running gruops that I run with. When you run in a gruop,  a person next to you could be a lawer, a Dr. , VP,  clark at local store etc. once you on the trail with your group, we all are same. A runner.


Running During Hot Summer days

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Summer days are upon us. It is hot and humid here in the Southern USA. Since my next marathon is in September, I have no choice other then running during these hot summer days. On my last running session, I ran during the coldest and the hottest days. The only difference is that during cold days, I was able to put on a lot of heavy clothes and run. But during warm days,  it is hard to do so. After some point, there is no more to take off.

Here are few suggestions for some of you hardcore runners. I am not only giving you a suggestion, I promise that I will live by what I say (most of it 😉 ).

1) Drink plenty of water, or run with a water bottle. If you choose sports drinks, there’s no problem with that either. Just keep yourself hydrated.

2) Wear light clothes:  Heavy cotton clothes are not breathable through. Try to wear breathable clothes. If you do not have one, go to the closest Wal-Mart, they have a very good selection of breathable clothes (if you still have questions , please post your comment, I will point you to the right direction)

3) Wear sunscreen: I am bad at putting on sunscreen. I have not found a good sunscreen for myself. I was told that there is sports sunscreen. I will have to look for it. I use what I have around the house. I am using 30-50 spf.

4)Wear a hat.

5) Try not to run during the hottest time of day: One nice thing about summer is that days are getting longer. Enjoy the long days by running early in the morning or in the late afternoon. Once a week, I run during the middle of the day. As a runner, I was told to train ourselves in any condition. We never know what condition we will be on race days.  Once a week, I run early in the morning. On most of my weekend runs, I start early.

I hope these tips will help you keep you cool and keep on running. As runners, we never stop.

Have fun. Do not let me hear you saying “I am not running because it is too hot”…  🙂


Speed Training

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Everyone should include speed training as a part of their weekly training. I also suggest that you should go to a track. Running speed on the road does not work the way you want to do.

This is my 4th week of speed training. I will have to see how I do on my next 5k to see the improvment.