18 milers in hot southern weather days

I ran 18 miler in the hot weather that took around 3 hrs . When I was done, it was around 85 degrees F.

Here is what I did to get ready for my long miles during these  hot weather days:

1) Drank water all day before

2) Drank water before started the run

3) wore light cloth, wore sun glasses and hat

4) Sun screen location for sure

5) Ran with a group to just to make sure that I would not fall apart during the run

6) Drank water every chance I got

I hope these simple tips will help you. It is hard to train during these hot southern summer days. But I am hoping that I will get a great pay off during my fall and winter marathons.

Keep on Running!


2 thoughts on “18 milers in hot southern weather days

  1. I ran 19 miler just today. One thing I fogot to mention, I started my run before run was out. That also helps. By the time I was done with my 19 miles, it was getting very glad. So put in account to start early.

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